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About Us

Simply Natural is an all natural non-toxic line of cleaners made from 100% bio-degradable, Eco-Friendly. EPA approved ingredients that are developed and manufactured in the USA.
All of our formulas are proven and tested with the EPA and carry the DFE (Designed for the Environment) logo which only 1% of all products qualify for.
Our entire line of products was designed to make every cleaning job safe and effective.
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Pleasantly surprised
Because these are a wood fiber product, was skeptical, but these hand towels are actually pretty cool. I even use them to wash my face. Once you run them through the washer, they are even softer. I like them a lot and would order them again. I use them in the kitchen and bath. Quite unique. No wood fiber feel except stiff when you first get them. Once you absorb in water, they are extremely soft and even softer once you run through washer.
Bob Daniel
Amazon Customer
The Best Ever
absolutely wonderful. I love these for cleaning Stainless Steel, Glass and especially the microwave. So soap, or cleanser of any kind required, and it leaves everything super clean and fresh. Unbelievable in the mircrowave!
HSN Customer