Every day cleaning around the house can be an anxious affair, made worse only by the guilt that raising a toddler can bring into your life. The biggest culprits have to be dangerous microorganisms lurking around on different surfaces and even your floor. You’ve probably resorted to various disinfectant methods in the past. Are any of them chemical-free? Now, that would be questionable.

Would you be completely stunned if you knew of a non-chemical method to clean your house of germs and bacteria? Well, happy to stun you with Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth!


Simply Natural’s wood fiber is great because it’s proven to be effective on various textures and surfaces. Be it wooden slabs in the kitchen or wooden toys belonging to your pet or your kids, Glass and ceramic surfaces that come along with decorative pieces, tile, granite, stainless steel knobs, handles and shower equipment, car interiors, wooden decks on boats, etc. Even electrical appliances such as your television, microwave, and any other gadgets can be cleaned thoroughly and made free of bacteria and germs using this wood fiber cloth.

Features of our natural Cleaning Cloth

More often than not, with kids around, there’s bound to be a ton of spillage- water, juice, watercolors, etc. As is habitual, you grab your paper towel roll and pull, pull, pull, yes pull again! Four of those paper towels, and yet, you aren’t able to clean off the way you expected. You either have to cup your other hand and attempt to sprint all the way to the dustbin or endure the dripping-trail all over your floor only to bring out your mop and finish what you started. Does that sound like a struggle you can relate to?

Our natural cleaning cloth, a simple and more convenient solution is within your reach. It’s highly absorbent owing to its eight-layer construction. This ensures that one cloth is equivalent to 10 paper towels. You read that right- 10!

These eight layers effectively and thoroughly trap bacteria, dirt, stubborn stains, etc. You needn’t worry about repeating the cleaning process or using chemicals to satisfy your conscience. Even after your pets have left a trail of paw prints all over, wipe away the germs and allow your kids to play on the floor of your house, guilt-free, thus making it your most hygienic cleaning option.

What could possibly cause the stench that arises out of the regularly used sponge and other alternatives? Here’s the unpleasant truth- the sponge is incapable of letting go of the bacteria and germs it’s trapped. Germs check-in but cannot check out. Over time as more and more harmful organisms accumulate on the sponge, it begins to give off a nasty odor.

However, with this wood fiber cleaning cloth, it’s completely different. It is manufactured, keeping in mind a trap and release system. You don’t have to believe that blindly, you can see it for yourself. This incredible technology ensures that there is absolutely no bad odor you will have to endure just to keep your surfaces germ-free. Everything that could potentially cause bad odor is let go on its next wash.

As the whole world progresses towards eco-friendly methods, at Simply Natural we are happy to work within the paradigm of sustainability. This is the reason why we manufacture the best wood fiber natural cleaning cloth by ensuring it can be reused over and over again. In addition to going green, this consideration also plays out as a cost-effective solution. In the process of manufacturing it, we have ensured maximum durability by using long-lasting organic wood fiber which replaces other microfiber cleaning cloths and microfiber towels. For each cloth you use, you’re saving approximately ten rolls of paper towels.

Yet another method used to stay environment friendly is the fact that by using our natural cleaning cloths you are cutting down on harsh chemicals that are commonly used within the home. There is enough evidence from numerous studies that such chemicals are harmful not only to the environment but also to the humans who come in contact with them regularly.

Household chemicals have long been established as carcinogens. With that in mind, wouldn’t you choose a healthy, non-toxic option for your family, over any other alternative? Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth requires no use of chemicals. All it requires is water. Simply wet the cloth under running water, and watch the stubborn stains disappear- all chemical free!

If this cloth really is this effective then you’re probably thinking it will require quite a bit of scrubbing to force the bacteria out. At the very least it will definitely need to be washed with some detergents. Well, we’re glad to prove you wrong. The only requirement is still water. The weave design construction enables effective cleansing. Wash under running water for under 30 seconds and watch the germs drown in your washbasin. This is the benefit of a simplistic yet innovative and thorough trap and release system.   

Understandably, you’re conflicted about how it can both, fight away stubborn stains and be used on gadgets that can be easily scratched. This is because it’s optimally abrasive. Just the right amount of abrasive to fight tough stains without giving you reasons to worry about scratching your glass surfaces or gadgets.

Remember one natural cleaning cloth is equivalent to 100 paper towels? This would mean you can use it regularly. As is any product that is used repeatedly, its advisable to wash the cloth as you would your other laundry. However, the dryer is big no. Line dry after every wash for best results.

Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth comes in three colors- red, green, and blue. This is to make it convenient for you to organize clothes for different purposes without mixing, for example, the ones meant for the garage with the ones meant for the baby.

The satisfaction that comes from watching the germs and your anxiety go down the drain is not one you can be convinced of, but one that you need to experience on your own! So, what are you waiting for?

Here is the Video which provides more information about the product:

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