Natural Cleaning Cloths Over Paper Towels REMOVE STAIN SPOTS IN THE KITCHEN

Are you walking through a retail store and are amused at little to no availability of paper towels? Or have you heard and read enough about it over the news? With the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak we have all witnessed a fall in the production and availability of paper towels and facial tissues over the past couple of weeks. While stores are getting staples like bread back on the shelves more readily available, certain products such as wet wipes and paper towels are still hard to come by.

What if we told you there is a sustainable alternative that wipes away every stubborn stain? Be it at home or even Presenting to you a wood fiber natural cleaning cloth that lives up to its brand name Simply Natural—which is a great solution to clean your home surfaces and skin without the need for harsh chemicals. Are you still contemplating the big switch to our eco-friendly cleaning cloth? If yes, way to go you’re not going to regret this decision. If you’re still thinking about it, keep scrolling and by the end of this blog, you will reconsider. 

This natural cleaning cloth is an eight-layered construction cloth that effectively absorbs and lifts common household germs. It holds the germ until they are rinsed away with water. That’s it! That’s all it takes to rid your kitchens off stubborn stains.

Is our natural cleaning cloth cost-effective?

Who wouldn’t want to pay for a cleaning cloth that can be used more than once—at an affordable price right? To break down the Math for you, one natural cleaning cloth can replace 75 rolls of paper towels and we give 6 in one pack that replaces (75×6= 450 rolls of paper. Fact check! Around 75 paper rolls cost USD 900 but by subscribing to our pack of six cloths you spend only USD 19.95.

If you want to reap the benefits of your new favorite cleaning tool, just make sure you choose to subscribe to the wood fiber cleaning cloth package. It’s a small switch that can make a huge difference for a better and cleaner tomorrow.

How long does it last?

These natural cleaning cloths absorb water quickly and also dry as fast, leaving little or no odor at all. Definitely a better substitute to those wet sponges that harbor germs unseen. But with our eco-friendly cleaning cloth, you can now harness the magic and power of rayon wood fibers to clean virtually anything in your home – naturally.

These rayon wood fiber cleaning cloths are long-term solutions for keeping your home free from harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products. You’ll love to have these in handy when you need a quick clean up! Yes, it is a time saver that cleans better. ‘Best of both worlds’ you can say. Each cloth if used regularly can last up to 3 months and if not used very often it can go up to six months for sure without wear and tear.

What is our unique selling proposition?

First, let’s address the question–what is the difference between wood fiber and traditional cleaning cloths? The key difference between these products is the materials they are made from, and more specifically the size of the fibers within.

As implied by the name, wood fiber cloths are long-lasting rayon made from wood fibers that are up to 50 times thinner than a human hair! Ordinary cleaning cloths, conversely, have fibers made from cotton or other synthetic materials such as nylon, which are far bigger by comparison. This size difference is highly significant when it comes to the effectiveness of wood fiber cleaning cloths.

When the fibers are smaller, each individual cloth can contain considerably more than usual thereby offering a greater surface area for dirt to cling on to. Our wood fiber cleaning cloth has eight highly absorbent layers that trap liquid, dirt, and bacteria. It is reusable–helps reduce the need for costly paper towels and once used rinses off up to 99.9% of pathogens when rinsed with warm water for 30 seconds. That’s a lot of germs flushing down the drain. 

What does our natural cleaning cloth look like?

Simply Natural’s wood fiber cleaning cloth comes in packs of twelve and six. It is a white piece of cloth with borders available in four different colors for you to choose from—red, blue, green and teal.

How does it work?

Now here comes the science bit! Due to their microscopic size, the rayon wood fibers attach themselves to even the smallest dirt particles imaginable, which can be missed by the larger fibers of traditional cloths that simply brush over the top of them instead.

When our wood fiber cleaning cloth is in action then, the fibers dislodge the dirt on surfaces. Even dried-on dirt and grime can be picked up when loosened with a small amount of water, with wood fiber cloths then naturally cleaning dirt away through the power of simple physics.

While wood fiber natural cleaning cloths leverage ingenious methods to clean, contrarily traditional cleaning cloths require some form of chemical product to be used as well–which sticks to the dirt and breaks it down enough so that larger fibers can collect it. The only chemical you’ll be using alongside wood fiber cleaning cloth is good old H2O. 

Although this traditional method is effective, natural cleaning cloths that contain wood fiber, offer an innovative and hygienic way to clean without having to rely on cleaning chemicals for assistance. They are stain-resistant and can be used over and over again in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows, cupboard, and floors. You can basically clean anything that you want, without a scratch. 

Our product helps promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. In your kitchen, the paper you are using for cleaning can be replaced by our organic and sustainable natural cleaning. Trust us when we say that a simple switch to our product acts can change your surroundings to a much cleaner and germ-free ambiance. From a no-waste perspective, they seem great! They’re reusable and pretty close to zero-waste if you take care of them. Time to go green and stay clean! 

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