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Flat Mop

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  • Easy To Use: It Is Not Like The Traditional Mops Where You Have To Carry The Water Bucket Around.
  • Hassle-Free: It Washes And Squeezes The Mop Dry. You Don’t Have To Get Your Hands Messy.
  • 360 Degree Design: It Has a 360 Degree Design Which Makes It Easy To Clean The Corners And Under The Furniture
  • Separate Slots: There Are Two Separate Slots. One Is The Clean Water Washing Area And The Other Is The Waste Water Slot.
  • Regulate The Dampness: There is a Regulator That Helps You Control The Dampness of The Mop. If You Want The Mop Dry Then You Have To Turn The Regulator Completely.
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Simply Natural Flat Mop has a 360°swivel handle so you can easily mop around and even under furniture with ease! We adopt broadened mopping plate for larger area floor mopping, saving you time, and helping your home keep clean in a minute! Let you have more time for the thing you like to do.

A clean home starts with a smart flat mop!

The ­­­­Simply Natural Flat Mop is designed to make cleaning easier, faster, and more efficient. One of the important things people do around their house is mopping, but nobody likes it because it gets hard and messy, and by the end of it you are tired and in pain.

But now, thanks to the mop bucket you can clean up floors easily with a self-cleaning design, unlike traditional mops that require heavy buckets. This microfiber flat mop features a magic self-washing mop that is great for wet and dry use! It has a 360-degree design which is perfect for cleaning corners and under the furniture.

    • 1. Dual slots and regulatory high-quality PP BUCKET
    • 2. Squeeze out the perfect one CLEANER DISPENSER
    • 3. Split 3 stainless steel extra length ergonomic telescopic HANDLE
    • 4.360° rotatable flexible flat MOP HEAD gets to reach hard places
    • 5. One $10 worth of machine washable MICROFIBER PAD 6.Assembly VISUAL instructions. Look no further!
  • REGULATE DAMPNESS and HASSLE-FREE Dual separate slots one is the clean water washing area set and the other is the wastewater slot. The regulator helps you to control the dampness of the mop. Completely turn the regulator for a dry mop (3x) and partially for (2x) and the final option for damp(1x). Cleans up dirt, small hairs, dust, and more. Don’t worry about wringing your mop by hand we got you covered.
  • TURNS A LOT! ALL THE WAY UP TO 360° MOP HEAD to clean the corners and under the furniture, bed, under nightstands, dressers, desks sofa, kitchen cabinet, clean or use dry for dusting floors, ceilings, windows behind the fridge, toilet and other nooks. Pure magic washes on stone, tiles, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, bamboo, cement, baseboards, and drywall just about anywhere.
  • BETTER THAN THE BEST! SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY with ECO-FRIENDLY aspects designed to be lightweight to carry around the kit and thoroughly clean. Your water will not splash unlike the competition and completely hands-free operation. More options to replace ultra-durable microfiber pads after long use.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY. CLEANING WIZARD IN MOTION: Get your flat mop set up in a matter of minutes, using our VISUAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL. In the unlikely event that you are not delighted with our mop, we will offer you a no-questions-asked refund. As an add-on, we also offer you a limited warranty.

Flat Mop:

2 reviews for Flat Mop

  1. Erica Linder

    This mop and bucket is wonderful! It’s the best system I’ve ever used. The mop assembles easily and is very sturdy. The microfiber pads easily remove soil from my wood floors. Separate slots for waste water & clean water makes it perfect. I highly recommend this product!!

  2. Daisy T

    I find this flat mop to be very convenient to use. Because of 360 handle I can easily reach hard reaching places in the home. I would highly recommend this flat mop & bucket system!

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Pleasantly surprised
Because these are a wood fiber product, was skeptical, but these hand towels are actually pretty cool. I even use them to wash my face. Once you run them through the washer, they are even softer. I like them a lot and would order them again. I use them in the kitchen and bath. Quite unique. No wood fiber feel except stiff when you first get them. Once you absorb in water, they are extremely soft and even softer once you run through washer.
Bob Daniel
Amazon Customer
The Best Ever
absolutely wonderful. I love these for cleaning Stainless Steel, Glass and especially the microwave. So soap, or cleanser of any kind required, and it leaves everything super clean and fresh. Unbelievable in the mircrowave!
HSN Customer

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