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Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth


      100% All Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth


      • Eight highly absorbent layers – traps liquid, dirt, and bacteria
      • Long-lasting rayon made from wood fibers
      • Multiple uses – wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters, appliances, cars, RVs, and boats
      • Reusable – helps reduce the need for costly paper towels
      • Rinses off up to 99.9% of pathogens when rinsed with warm water for 30 seconds
      • Perfect cleaning without household chemicals
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      Harness the magic and power of rayon wood fibers to clean virtually anything in your home and beyond – naturally. These 6 rayon wood fiber cleaning cloths go a long way in keeping your home and appliances free from harmful chemicals found in most cleaners on the market. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters, appliances, cars, RVs, and boats. You’ll love to have these handy when you need a quick cleanup!


      • 6 to 12 Rayon Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths in 6 pack and 12 pack respectively.

      Details: Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth

      Dimensions: 12″L x 12″W – 6 Pack  | 10″ L x 10″W – 12 Pack

      Material Content: Rayon

      Care Instructions: Rinse under warm or cold water ringing out debris and water before and after use. Line dry.

      Pack of

      6, 12


      Green, Aqua, Red

      Cloth Size


      38 reviews for Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth

      1. Dondi57

        LOVE LOVE LOVE Transformative Product
        Capt D.
        Wouldn’t be without these, especially now to keep germs, etc away. Used on door handles, countertops ( esp after raw meat prep), cell phones, computers etc. These are the best investment in health safety. My continued reorder will continue!

      2. Sebo54

        LOVE LOVE LOVE Transformative Product
        They are in fact one of the best of HSN products and I have used many.Using these helps me to feel safe in these dangerous COVID-19 Times. Delivers all that they are suppose to.Disinfectant, Soft, Durable and for me a perfect size. I ordered on set and will order more for my family. LOVE THEM.THE VALUE IS AMAZING.

      3. DoverD

        Love these!
        Im impressed. These cloths are great for kitchen, dishes and clean up. So glad I ordered. Throwing the sponge away!

      4. David8913

        My family members keep taking them!
        I love these cloths so much. They work wonders around the kitchen, for finger smudges on stainless steel appliances, laptop, and tv screens, and mirrors Just ordered another two batches.

      5. Robbie1239

        I love them, Great purchase for quality product. Very durable for military spit shine throughout my home. Thanks HSN

      6. YoiYo

        Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths 12-pack
        Purchased these a few years ago, I LOVE THEM!!!!They are fantastic for cleaning and last a long, long time.Keep making these (larger size) ..they are the “BEST”!!!!

      7. playon

        love them
        This is my second time purchase after years of using them. I shared too many with friends and family. In this covid-19 after I disinfect items I then use my cloths to wipe the items clean of cleaners. {Just sharing} I use one just for my face. Cleans my stainless steel sink to a shine.

      8. pink591

        Other use
        Ordered these to use in my face masks, as they are machine washable and block bacteria better then using coffee filters, etc that can’t be cleaned and harder these days to find. only three stars right now until i see how they hold up against constant washing.

      9. lightening5

        better than a sponge
        These are great. Love them

      10. 789456

        best ever dish cloth
        I never thought i’d be excited about a dish cloth!! this is the best thing I’ve ever used. Very absorbant, cleans like a dream and DOES NOT ever aquire that awful dishrag smell. It’s a little stiff when you first open the package but don’t worry. As soon as it’s wet and you start to use it it it’s great. I’m throwing the old dishrags out.

      11. CattyCat48

        Great Look
        I purchased these, not knowing if I was sure I would like them. After I received them and used the first one I can say I love them. Love the feel once wet and how good they wipe. Easy to squeeze the water off. I definitely recommend them.

      12. monajean

        Love these especially in the bathroom
        Since they kill germs, I use them to wipe down my bathroom sinks and counters. I am going to use them for my dish cloths in the kitchen like one reviewer said. The ONLY thing I would suggest to improve them is to make loop on them to hang them up

      13. guyd

        These work great…..they clean up well.. Had to buy two more packages for my kids….

      14. Dargongrass

        Good product
        First time used with Amos on my doors. Worked better than any other product.

      15. Dogmom26

        Nice cloths absorbent
        Nice cloths remind me a a cloth diaper, however, they could be much larger. If that happens I will buy more.

      16. CathM

        Save the environment by using these cloths!
        These cloths are great for wipe up in kitchen, bathroom and all round cleaning and sterilizing your surroundings!! Save on throw away expensive paper towels and cherish the environment! These are washable and reusable!! I love them and have shared with friends & family!!

      17. PattiKate747

        Best Clothes EVER!!!
        I use these in the kitchen and bathroom and the car and everywhere. They are the best for cleaning anything. Durable. Wash well. Soft enough to use on your skin, strong enough to clean all surfaces in your house, car, back yard…… Best ever.

      18. Greatful49

        Love these
        These are great just got them use for washing dishes, counter bathroom, taking off makeup for dusting I wet wring out let dry so berley wet and dust without any sprays.

      19. kgerchak

        Husband solved!!
        I don’t normally write reviews for items but I just had to for this one. when covered hit I was unable to find any disinfectants in the store and these were on air. My husband is the worst offender at using a dishcloth and then leaving it in the bottom of the sink where it gets gross and smelly. We’ve started using these exclusively and they really clean,scrub without scratching and I know they don’t have bacteria growing on them because my husband still leaves them in the sink.

      20. anchris

        Cleaning cloths
        These cleaning cloths are stupendous. I love using them all the time. They are very strong and lasting. I use them in the kitchen and when they get dirty, I just wash them with soap and water and they are good to go. I will buy more.

      21. MimiTina

        Cleaning cloths
        These are so great. I will order again when they’re available. They’d be a great gift as well.

      22. sweetpooh

        great product
        I absolutely love them and highly recommend this product to everyone. I have shared, i.e. given these clothes to family and friends to try for themselves – that’s how great they are. They absorb and clean nicely. Sometimes, I apply soap as an extra cleaning agent. It’s soft to the touch and powerful to wherever your needs may be without adding anything but soap.

      23. dawn437

        Simply natural wooden cloths
        Have new stainless fridgeCleans it great, no streaks, no scratches . Outside and insideof micro wave .No chemicals, just warm water

      24. Madidon

        Best Thing I Ever Bought
        They never stain no matter what you clean with them. Throw in washing machine.Always feel safe using them!

      25. nicee1119

        Love these towels
        These towels rinse so easily ,mine are starting to fray some ,I think I use to much bleach especially NOW.I LOVE these towels whatever you wipe up hit it with the sink sprayer it’s gone.Great item

      26. crowland02

        Love it!
        I use this every day in my kitchen. They are definitely worth the money. I’ve actually used the same one for quite a while. The only problem: In the presentation, all you had to do was rinse it awhile in warm water to get stains out. That gets a lot out, but it looks dingy pretty quickly. Still works, though!

      27. Gracin

        Love the hygiene concept!
        I bought some for the family, due to a large granite island and countertops, and little children. I like the hygienic properties of the product.

      28. Punkie41

        Keeping CLean
        These cloths are a must for me and my friends. They do not stain! They are so soft and they last for a long time. I have given as gifts and I’m always asked “Where can I purchase these cloths. Keeping your entire home clean, try them you will love them.

      29. Iris114

        Best cleaning cloths!
        I love these cleaning cloths. They clean just about everything, and I do mean anything, and all I do is rinse them and they look brand new. Will be getting a 2nd pack!

      30. MAGGI48


      31. Alagranchucha

        Love These Babies!
        The material is good old baby diaper material and what better material to clean and especially dry!?! The best part is the trick of spreading them out in the sink SPRAYING WITH GOT WATER from the sink house that many/most sinks have. You can see the stains spray out and they end up super clean with no foul smell after squeezing out fully. It extends their use between sporadic washing machine cleaning. Get these! They’re great!

      32. gb731

        Like These A Lot
        Use these every day in my kitchen. Perfect size for easy handling.Throw them in the washer, but Not the dryer.I will buy more of these.

      33. Auntie1210

        Love these
        I love having these cleaning cloths. I do have to dispose of them after some time. The package lasts me about a year.

      34. CommonSensor

        Really Great
        These work great – love them

      35. susieQ23,

        This product cleans really well ….in one swipe. I like the fact that it will take the majority of germs and that it is reusable. It does have a very slight wood smell (it has wood on the inside)…however I think that it will go away. It does not bother me but a little unusual.

      36. FirstLady77

        The Best Ever
        I absolutely wonderful. I love these for cleaning Stainless Steel, Glass and especially the microwave. So soap, or cleanser of any kind required, and it leaves everything super clean and fresh. Unbelievable in the mircrowave!

      37. BisLadyND

        4/9/2021 BisLady, ND
        The best Cloths
        These are amazing, quick absorbent, easy to rinse. I used these for everything in my house, cleaning, wiping, dishes and more.

      38. rose Thompson

        I have no word product is excellent plus it lasts. I buy whenever they are on sale if I need them or not I give to family

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      Pleasantly surprised
      Because these are a wood fiber product, was skeptical, but these hand towels are actually pretty cool. I even use them to wash my face. Once you run them through the washer, they are even softer. I like them a lot and would order them again. I use them in the kitchen and bath. Quite unique. No wood fiber feel except stiff when you first get them. Once you absorb in water, they are extremely soft and even softer once you run through washer.
      Bob Daniel
      Amazon Customer
      The Best Ever
      absolutely wonderful. I love these for cleaning Stainless Steel, Glass and especially the microwave. So soap, or cleanser of any kind required, and it leaves everything super clean and fresh. Unbelievable in the mircrowave!
      HSN Customer

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