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Made From Rayon Wood Pulp 100% Wood Fiber Cloth 

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About Wood Fiber Cloth

Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Wipes 99.9% Bacteria .

Here’s a great solution for cleaning your home surfaces without using harsh chemicals. Simply Natural’s 8-layer construction effectively absorbs and lifts common household germs inside the cloth and allows germs to be rinsed away using only water. It’s stain-resistant and can be used over and over in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows, cars, RVs, appliances, electronics, and boats.

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Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth By Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth By Simply Natural

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our Best Product.

Tasted and Proven…

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No Chemicals Required

Use regular tap water for rinsing.

Need Just do it with Tap Water

In a test, cold water rinsed away 99.4% of bacteria associated with dirt after 30 seconds.

Multi-layer construction

>Designed with 8 absorbent layers
>Traps and lifts liquid, dirt, and bacteria
>Abrasive enough to break through tough Stains


Weave design construction for efficient cleaning
Most fresh stains rinse away under tap water; set-in stains may not rinse out


What do people say about our product


Lauren Geertsen


Pleasantly surprised

Because these are a wood fiber product, was skeptical, but these hand towels are actually pretty cool. I even use them to wash my face. Once you run them through the washer, they are even softer. I like them a lot and would order them again. I use them in the kitchen and bath. Quite unique. No wood fiber feels stiff when you first get them. Once you absorb in water, they are extremely soft and even softer once you run them through the washer.




Fast delivery and great support!

absolutely wonderful. I love these for cleaning Stainless Steel, Glass, and especially the microwave. So soap or cleanser of any kind is required, and it leaves everything super clean and fresh. Unbelievable in the microwave!

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Djaggie90, TX


These are simply AMAZING!!

I was skeptical when I ordered these, but the reviews were good so I took a chance! When I opened the package, I still wasnt sure, but I ran one under the tap and it not only absorbed the water well, it immediately turned really soft.Then I used it to clean few surfaces and was pleased how well it not only cleaned, but also how well it rinsed afterwards. Ive also used them to wipe up spills – very absorbent.They wash really well in the washing machine and dry nicely hanging up. LOVE!!

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