Here is Why Our Microfiber Cloths are the Ultimate Cleaning tools 

Here is Why Our Microfiber Cloths are the Ultimate Cleaning tools 

MIcrofiber Cloths- Tireless scrubbing and endless use of chemicals on your floors, walls, shelves, and kitchen slabs—and yet your house is not even close to looking clean—especially how you had envisioned it. You can’t help but wonder if there is a better way of doing this. Then with a little bit of research and references, you pick the ultimate new cleaning solution for your home only to realize later that it was a scam. Leaving you disappointed and back at square one. 

When we talk about cleaning, we all can admit that it is a chore most of us love to hate. But even something as simple as cleaning can be done better. That’s why we at Simply Natural formulated a solution for your home surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Our strategically-constructed eight-layer microfiber cloth effectively absorbs and lifts household germs and dirt inside the cloth and allows them to be rinsed by water.

Simple right? Who’d have thought there’d be a better way to clean than using chemicals, soap, and water? If you’ve tried our latest microfiber cloths, you’ll know that this simple technology can make life easier. Our microfiber cloths are stain-resistant and can be used over and over in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows, cars, RVs, appliances, electronics, and boats. Not only are these microfiber cloths more hygienic, but they also avoid the need for expensive harmful chemicals and they get things looking cleaner in a lot less time. It’s not magic—it’s science. Let’s find out how these things work!

Try different

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you to decipher why our microfiber cloth is your best deal. Let’s just say you want to clean a large, dirty portion of your wall as quickly and thoroughly as you can. Your cleaning tool options vary from a toothbrush to a bigger size brush–but it would take you forever. Now scale the problem down.

If you want to clean a worktop really well, what’s the best thing to use? A gigantic brush or even a huge cloth may or may not do the work for you, but you can achieve the same effect by using our microfiber cloth that packs more punch into any cleaning area. Why is it better than other cleaning cloths you ask? Well, an ordinary cleaning cloth has fibers made of cotton or a synthetic material such as nylon. If you closely observe pieces of cotton, you’ll know exactly how big the fibers are. But our microfiber cloth has more fibers and they’re much smaller. If ‘many hands make light work’, so do many micro-fibers.

Because it cleans better.

Our microfiber cloth is designed with eight absorbent layers that trap and lift liquid, dirt, and bacteria. How it works is that microfibers attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles—ones that normal cloth fibers (giant in comparison) crudely brush past. Our microfiber cloth is abrasive enough to break tough stains and sweep the surface clean. The forces of attraction between microfibers and dirt are adhesive and you would be able to see it if they were visible. But since you can’t we ‘broke it down’ for you instead.

It lasts longer than expected 

One cloth is worth a hundred paper towels. In simple words, one microfiber cloth will do the work of a hundred paper towels and lasts a little longer than the lifetime of those paper towels. Provided you keep them clean and well-maintained. A microfiber cloth that is of good quality can keep cleaning hygienically. Yes, you read that right!

A recent study stated that using microfiber cloths like this reduce rates of hospital infection, “reusable cloth performance improved at 75 washes, and reduced after 150 washes, although, in most instances, performance after 150 washes was better than at first wash.” These microfiber cloths absorb minute particles and bacteria and rinse away under tap water thus keep the cloth clean for next time. With our microfiber cloths, all you need to do is wipe, rinse, dry, and repeat. 

This is the way to clean

Like every other traditional cleaning cloth, you can use our microfiber cloths dry for dusting and slightly wet for more general cleaning, but you’ll need to experiment! When we say experiment, we don’t mean going back to your old habits of wanting to soak the cloth in water and add loads of soap as well—this will just reduce the cloth’s effectiveness. The best way to use these cloths is with as little water as possible. If you’re cleaning very dirty windows, for example, rinse the window thoroughly with clean water.

Post which, with hardly any water remaining on the glass, polish over with our microfiber cloth—and you’ll be amazed at the smear-free, sparkling finish. The next use case would be your kitchen slabs. If your slabs are dirty and oil-stained, to start with simply use our microfiber cloth by itself with a little water. That’s all it takes for you to win your battle against oil-stains. Our microfiber cloths can be used to clean virtually any hard surface. Try them on your bathroom or kitchen surfaces and you’ll be amazed at the results. You will be able to hear the sound of things getting squeaky clean and shiny.

We’re getting popular by the day

Microfiber cloths are more popularly used in Europe than in the United States. That is why we decided to play by that effective trend here in our home country. Did you know that the household chemicals market is worth tens of billions of dollars to big chemical companies and the stores that sell them? They will be left with little to no incentive if a simple technology such as ours undermines their costly products. These companies go to the extent of spending a fortune on advertising and they have for several decades. They have managed to happily convince most of us that we need to blast our homes with industrial-strength cleaners in a never-ending war with germs. But we bring forth to you the best and hygienic promises to get your homes hygienically clean with nothing but water! 

Not just your homes, you can use it on your cars, at your workplace, and even when you’re traveling. Apart from cleaning surfaces, our microfiber cloths can aid in washing, waxing your cars, floors, RV’s and even boats. You can use it to polish your furniture and even kitchen utensils and glass. It is harmless, effective, efficient, and can contribute to a ‘chemical-free cleaning lifestyle. If you don’t believe us and have boarded the train of doubt, why don’t you try one of these clothes for yourself? And remember that cleaning your home isn’t magic—it’s science!

Take a Step Towards Sustainability with Simply Natural’s Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth: We often talk about saving the environment and giving back to nature and whatnot. But when it comes to implementing those valuable thoughts, in reality, difficulty sets in. Well, the blame is not completely on us.

We are the species who have been the prisoner of the negatives of developmental advancement. We have grown accustomed to certain luxuries— from the mere use of paper towels to using refrigerators emitting harmful chlorofluorocarbons, with whom we can’t seem to break our ties. Even when it’s harmful to the environment.

Think of our connection with these ‘advancements’ as a toxic relationship. We know it’s bad for us, but yet we can’t break away from that toxicity. Circling back to us being the prisoner of development, the reason why we simply cannot walk away is because of the lack of an alternative. Now, there are certain habits that are unavoidable, at least not at once and others for which there is a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative.

A study showed that over 300 million US residents used paper towels in 2019 alone. What’s worse is that the numbers are likely to go up in the coming years. In Europe, some people use a bidet to wash their external genitalia and the anal region after using the toilet, in addition to using toilet paper.

Promote the change with eco-friendly cleaning cloths

So what is it that we can do to make a change for the world and our future generation? How is it that we can BE THE CHANGE? As the saying “Nothing is too small to matter” by environmental scientist Allen Hershkowitz goes, the tiniest of what we can do to save the environment is a good place to start.

Simply Natural’s eco-friendly cleaning cloth is that contribution of yours in saving nature. Made completely from sustainable and reusable wood pulp fiber, this eco-friendly cleaning cloth can replace traditional paper towels in every household, in every manner.

We believe in offering a sustainable alternative retaining your luxury and save nature while doing so, all in one. Living up to our brand name, the all-natural and non-toxic wood fiber cleaning cloth focuses on being eco-friendly and chemical-free. It is time to bid adieu to those smelly sponges and harmful chemicals in other cleaning materials that have a harsh impact on the surfaces leaving more germs than before.

Harnessing the power of rayon wood fibers, Simply Natural’s best eco-friendly microfiber cleaning cloth takes out 99.99% pathogens from the surface with no traces of chemicals left behind, cleaning virtually anything in your home and beyond—naturally. The eight layers of highly absorbent wood fibers in this natural cleaning cloth can be used virtually on any surface.

Be it your kitchen countertop, bathroom counters, glass panels, or even your car, this reusable cleaning cloth sucks up all the bacteria and germs that it comes in contact with.

Can’t get rid of that fishy smell from your pots and pans? Don’t you worry, with its odor and stain-resistant functionality, it’s like the smell was never really there? And it dries fast as well! With microscopic fibers present in the cloth, it is almost effortless to dry the all-natural eco-friendly cleaning cloth. Now that’s impressive!

So what’s the process?

Well, you need only rinse the cloth under warm or cold water for 30 seconds before and after your use and it takes out even the stubborn germs and stain from the surface. So, you see the dirt; you rinse the cloth; you wipe it; you rinse it for 30 seconds and repeat! It’s as simple as that. And don’t fret about the cloth being soggy after every use. Because each time you dry it after wiping, it feels like it a brand new one!

This blacklight test passed eco-friendly cloth cuts through tough grease and foggy stains and takes them out with a couple of wipes. The laboratory test proved wood fiber cleaning cloth rinse out 99.99% germs and bacteria as opposed to other standard microfibers, poly or cotton cloths which take out only 25% of the same. Not to mention, it is generously sized, L12”/W12” attaining the perfect size for cleaning purposes.

The best possible for today

Well, folks, needless to say, cleaning with this microfiber cleaning cloth is what 21st-century cleaning is all about. Cleaning without chemicals, no external cleaning solutions to rinse, and rejuvenate the cloth, tap water would do the job perfectly fine. So enjoy streak-free cleaning with all-natural wood fiber cleaning cloth.

Now you might be wondering, will this reusable natural cloth expensive? Absolutely not! This revolutionary product comes in 2 price variants; 6 pack for $19.95 and the 12 pack for $29.95, with beautifully stitched colored borders. You might still wonder; it is still damn expensive! Well for those skeptics; hear us out and do the math.

Take a look around your household. Assess how many rolls of paper towels you use on a monthly basis. Now calculate those prices with that of our best eco-friendly cleaning cloth. We assure you that the amount you spent monthly on paper towels will last for more than a month when you shift to using this rayon wood fiber cleaning cloth.

Let us put it this way, one cloth can replace 100 rolls of paper towels. Talk about a steal! Not to mention the added sense of achievement in being a part of saving the environment.

Is there any deal or discount you ask?

Well, Simply Natural offers, a subscription plan to those who seek an amazing discount. We offer three different time period subscription plans—six weeks, three months, and six months for this long-lasting rayon made from wood fiber cloths. A small and inexpensive change for a better tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? Be ready to be the change that you want to see in the world with a tiny bit of your contribution. Shift to Simply Natural’s all-natural eco-friendly cleaning cloth today and be a part of the green initiative!

Here’s Why You Need a Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth for Your Home

Cleaning Cloths

Staying at home during this global lockdown might seem like the perfect time to clean up
and declutter. We at Simply Natural couldn’t agree more. We all know that clean homes
don’t just miraculously clean themselves—neat people have a protocol in place to keep
things maintained and orderly. One such protocol you could add to your tidying schedule is
our wood fibered cleaning cloth.

The kitchen is often one of the most popular rooms in every house that hosts almost every
member of the family at some point every day. So, it’s important to keep this room clean
and safe for friends and family. The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to make cleaning
up a habit as you work, and take care of a few chores each day so that messes don’t pile up.
Keeping your kitchen safe from germs traditionally involves using harsh cleaning chemicals
and most people use them to practice good hygiene. Some even use it on kitchen tools.
Chemical residues have serious side effects.

But here’s a solution for you to consider that can aid your cleaning routines?

Our wood fibered cleaning cloth. How do you ask?

Our eight-layer construction effectively absorbs and lifts common household germs inside the
cloth and allows germs to be rinsed away using only water. It’s stain-resistant and can be
used over and over in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows even on your cars, RVs,
appliances, electronics, and boats. If you belong to the section of the population that is
struggling to maintain an orderly home, you might just find yourself wondering how ‘clean’
people do it. Wonder no longer, the secret of the clean house crew lies in our wood fibered
cleaning cloth.

No more scrubbing, just wipe

Our Wood Fiber cleaning cloth is presented to you in a pack of twelve or six. It is designed to
keep your home clean without the need for excessive chemicals. All you need to do is wipe
and rise over the sink. Then wave goodbye to 99.9% of bacteria that your house has been
harboring. How do you rid yourself of the bacteria collected in the cloth rinse for 30 seconds
with warm water? Now you have a germ-free environment to enjoy during a lockdown. The
best part you won’t have to run to the store to get fresh cloth every week as you do for
paper towels.

Moreover, our cleaning cloth is reusable and is made up of long-lasting wood
fiber and makes a great paper towel replacement reducing the use of costly paper towels.
One wood fiber cleaning cloth equals to 100 paper towel sheets. The odor-free cleaning
cloth out preforms the best microfiber cloths in absorption and durability.

What makes this cleaning cloth?

Our wood fiber cleaning cloth is a multi-layer construction that is designed with eight
absorbent layers. Specifically, long-lasting rayon from wood fiber. Not only is wood fiber
more effective, but it’s also a manufacturing process that requires little to no chemicals.
Besides, the amount of water required to process it is significantly lesser than other textures
such as cotton. Thus, making it a sustainable, environment-friendly option in comparison to
existing textile and cloth materials. The organic and long-lasting wood-fiber is what builds
this cleaning cloth and allows it to traps and liquid, dirt, and bacteria. It is abrasive enough
to break through tough stains. Found a stain in your kitchen? Our cleaning cloth will help
you clean the mess in no time.

Longevity and durability

Our cleaning cloth’s weave design construction proves efficient for cleaning. Our cleaning
cloth is super soft, absorbent, durable, and stain-resistant. It can be machine or hand
washed and we recommend that you air dry it to increase longevity and durability. Most
fresh stains rinse away under tap water; set-in stains may not rinse out hence it is advised to
rinse immediately after use.

One cloth is equal to using 100 paper towels and investing in a
pack of twelve will save you from a load of expenses while also contributing to a chemical-
free cleaning lifestyle. Simply Natural’s wood fiber cleaning cloth comes in packs of twelve
and six. It is a white piece of cloth with borders available in four different colors for you to
choose from—red, blue, green, and teal.

Who wouldn’t want to pay for a cleaning cloth–that can be used more than once at an
affordable price right? To break down the Math for you, one natural cleaning cloth can
replace 100 rolls of paper towels and we give a pack of six and twelve that replaces (100×6=
600 and 100×12=1200) rolls of paper. Fact checks! Around 100 paper rolls cost USD 900 but
by subscribing to our pack of six cloths you spend only USD 19.95. Each cloth if used
regularly can last up to three months and if not used very often it can go up to six months
for sure without wear and tear.

So, what are you waiting for? While the whole world is under lockdown, Simply Natural has
provided a weapon to ambush micro-organisms hidden from commonly used surfaces and
articles in your home. Lockdown cleaning has been made easier with our wood fiber
cleaning cloth. You can now provide your family with the best harmless, safe, and chemical-
free solution that guarantees all-round protection to your home cleaning needs.

Natural Cleaning Cloth: The Best Non-Chemical Method to Ensure Your House Is Germ-Free.

Every day cleaning around the house can be an anxious affair, made worse only by the guilt that raising a toddler can bring into your life. The biggest culprits have to be dangerous microorganisms lurking around on different surfaces and even your floor. You’ve probably resorted to various disinfectant methods in the past. Are any of them chemical-free? Now, that would be questionable.

Would you be completely stunned if you knew of a non-chemical method to clean your house of germs and bacteria? Well, happy to stun you with Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth!


Simply Natural’s wood fiber is great because it’s proven to be effective on various textures and surfaces. Be it wooden slabs in the kitchen or wooden toys belonging to your pet or your kids, Glass and ceramic surfaces that come along with decorative pieces, tile, granite, stainless steel knobs, handles and shower equipment, car interiors, wooden decks on boats, etc. Even electrical appliances such as your television, microwave, and any other gadgets can be cleaned thoroughly and made free of bacteria and germs using this wood fiber cloth.

Features of our natural Cleaning Cloth

More often than not, with kids around, there’s bound to be a ton of spillage- water, juice, watercolors, etc. As is habitual, you grab your paper towel roll and pull, pull, pull, yes pull again! Four of those paper towels, and yet, you aren’t able to clean off the way you expected. You either have to cup your other hand and attempt to sprint all the way to the dustbin or endure the dripping-trail all over your floor only to bring out your mop and finish what you started. Does that sound like a struggle you can relate to?

Our natural cleaning cloth, a simple and more convenient solution is within your reach. It’s highly absorbent owing to its eight-layer construction. This ensures that one cloth is equivalent to 10 paper towels. You read that right- 10!

These eight layers effectively and thoroughly trap bacteria, dirt, stubborn stains, etc. You needn’t worry about repeating the cleaning process or using chemicals to satisfy your conscience. Even after your pets have left a trail of paw prints all over, wipe away the germs and allow your kids to play on the floor of your house, guilt-free, thus making it your most hygienic cleaning option.

What could possibly cause the stench that arises out of the regularly used sponge and other alternatives? Here’s the unpleasant truth- the sponge is incapable of letting go of the bacteria and germs it’s trapped. Germs check-in but cannot check out. Over time as more and more harmful organisms accumulate on the sponge, it begins to give off a nasty odor.

However, with this wood fiber cleaning cloth, it’s completely different. It is manufactured, keeping in mind a trap and release system. You don’t have to believe that blindly, you can see it for yourself. This incredible technology ensures that there is absolutely no bad odor you will have to endure just to keep your surfaces germ-free. Everything that could potentially cause bad odor is let go on its next wash.

As the whole world progresses towards eco-friendly methods, at Simply Natural we are happy to work within the paradigm of sustainability. This is the reason why we manufacture the best wood fiber natural cleaning cloth by ensuring it can be reused over and over again. In addition to going green, this consideration also plays out as a cost-effective solution. In the process of manufacturing it, we have ensured maximum durability by using long-lasting organic wood fiber which replaces other microfiber cleaning cloths and microfiber towels. For each cloth you use, you’re saving approximately ten rolls of paper towels.

Yet another method used to stay environment friendly is the fact that by using our natural cleaning cloths you are cutting down on harsh chemicals that are commonly used within the home. There is enough evidence from numerous studies that such chemicals are harmful not only to the environment but also to the humans who come in contact with them regularly.

Household chemicals have long been established as carcinogens. With that in mind, wouldn’t you choose a healthy, non-toxic option for your family, over any other alternative? Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth requires no use of chemicals. All it requires is water. Simply wet the cloth under running water, and watch the stubborn stains disappear- all chemical free!

If this cloth really is this effective then you’re probably thinking it will require quite a bit of scrubbing to force the bacteria out. At the very least it will definitely need to be washed with some detergents. Well, we’re glad to prove you wrong. The only requirement is still water. The weave design construction enables effective cleansing. Wash under running water for under 30 seconds and watch the germs drown in your washbasin. This is the benefit of a simplistic yet innovative and thorough trap and release system.   

Understandably, you’re conflicted about how it can both, fight away stubborn stains and be used on gadgets that can be easily scratched. This is because it’s optimally abrasive. Just the right amount of abrasive to fight tough stains without giving you reasons to worry about scratching your glass surfaces or gadgets.

Remember one natural cleaning cloth is equivalent to 100 paper towels? This would mean you can use it regularly. As is any product that is used repeatedly, its advisable to wash the cloth as you would your other laundry. However, the dryer is big no. Line dry after every wash for best results.

Simply Natural’s wood fiber natural cleaning cloth comes in three colors- red, green, and blue. This is to make it convenient for you to organize clothes for different purposes without mixing, for example, the ones meant for the garage with the ones meant for the baby.

The satisfaction that comes from watching the germs and your anxiety go down the drain is not one you can be convinced of, but one that you need to experience on your own! So, what are you waiting for?

Here is the Video which provides more information about the product:

Eco-Friendly Alternative: Natural Cleaning Cloths Over Paper Towels

Natural Cleaning Cloths Over Paper Towels REMOVE STAIN SPOTS IN THE KITCHEN

Are you walking through a retail store and are amused at little to no availability of paper towels? Or have you heard and read enough about it over the news? With the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak we have all witnessed a fall in the production and availability of paper towels and facial tissues over the past couple of weeks. While stores are getting staples like bread back on the shelves more readily available, certain products such as wet wipes and paper towels are still hard to come by.

What if we told you there is a sustainable alternative that wipes away every stubborn stain? Be it at home or even Presenting to you a wood fiber natural cleaning cloth that lives up to its brand name Simply Natural—which is a great solution to clean your home surfaces and skin without the need for harsh chemicals. Are you still contemplating the big switch to our eco-friendly cleaning cloth? If yes, way to go you’re not going to regret this decision. If you’re still thinking about it, keep scrolling and by the end of this blog, you will reconsider. 

This natural cleaning cloth is an eight-layered construction cloth that effectively absorbs and lifts common household germs. It holds the germ until they are rinsed away with water. That’s it! That’s all it takes to rid your kitchens off stubborn stains.

Is our natural cleaning cloth cost-effective?

Who wouldn’t want to pay for a cleaning cloth that can be used more than once—at an affordable price right? To break down the Math for you, one natural cleaning cloth can replace 75 rolls of paper towels and we give 6 in one pack that replaces (75×6= 450 rolls of paper. Fact check! Around 75 paper rolls cost USD 900 but by subscribing to our pack of six cloths you spend only USD 19.95.

If you want to reap the benefits of your new favorite cleaning tool, just make sure you choose to subscribe to the wood fiber cleaning cloth package. It’s a small switch that can make a huge difference for a better and cleaner tomorrow.

How long does it last?

These natural cleaning cloths absorb water quickly and also dry as fast, leaving little or no odor at all. Definitely a better substitute to those wet sponges that harbor germs unseen. But with our eco-friendly cleaning cloth, you can now harness the magic and power of rayon wood fibers to clean virtually anything in your home – naturally.

These rayon wood fiber cleaning cloths are long-term solutions for keeping your home free from harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products. You’ll love to have these in handy when you need a quick clean up! Yes, it is a time saver that cleans better. ‘Best of both worlds’ you can say. Each cloth if used regularly can last up to 3 months and if not used very often it can go up to six months for sure without wear and tear.

What is our unique selling proposition?

First, let’s address the question–what is the difference between wood fiber and traditional cleaning cloths? The key difference between these products is the materials they are made from, and more specifically the size of the fibers within.

As implied by the name, wood fiber cloths are long-lasting rayon made from wood fibers that are up to 50 times thinner than a human hair! Ordinary cleaning cloths, conversely, have fibers made from cotton or other synthetic materials such as nylon, which are far bigger by comparison. This size difference is highly significant when it comes to the effectiveness of wood fiber cleaning cloths.

When the fibers are smaller, each individual cloth can contain considerably more than usual thereby offering a greater surface area for dirt to cling on to. Our wood fiber cleaning cloth has eight highly absorbent layers that trap liquid, dirt, and bacteria. It is reusable–helps reduce the need for costly paper towels and once used rinses off up to 99.9% of pathogens when rinsed with warm water for 30 seconds. That’s a lot of germs flushing down the drain. 

What does our natural cleaning cloth look like?

Simply Natural’s wood fiber cleaning cloth comes in packs of twelve and six. It is a white piece of cloth with borders available in four different colors for you to choose from—red, blue, green and teal.

How does it work?

Now here comes the science bit! Due to their microscopic size, the rayon wood fibers attach themselves to even the smallest dirt particles imaginable, which can be missed by the larger fibers of traditional cloths that simply brush over the top of them instead.

When our wood fiber cleaning cloth is in action then, the fibers dislodge the dirt on surfaces. Even dried-on dirt and grime can be picked up when loosened with a small amount of water, with wood fiber cloths then naturally cleaning dirt away through the power of simple physics.

While wood fiber natural cleaning cloths leverage ingenious methods to clean, contrarily traditional cleaning cloths require some form of chemical product to be used as well–which sticks to the dirt and breaks it down enough so that larger fibers can collect it. The only chemical you’ll be using alongside wood fiber cleaning cloth is good old H2O. 

Although this traditional method is effective, natural cleaning cloths that contain wood fiber, offer an innovative and hygienic way to clean without having to rely on cleaning chemicals for assistance. They are stain-resistant and can be used over and over again in your kitchen, bathroom, on windows, cupboard, and floors. You can basically clean anything that you want, without a scratch. 

Our product helps promote an eco-conscious lifestyle. In your kitchen, the paper you are using for cleaning can be replaced by our organic and sustainable natural cleaning. Trust us when we say that a simple switch to our product acts can change your surroundings to a much cleaner and germ-free ambiance. From a no-waste perspective, they seem great! They’re reusable and pretty close to zero-waste if you take care of them. Time to go green and stay clean! 

Why Should You Choose a Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth?

Simply Natural

What is a wood fiber cleaning cloth?- safe natural product produced without any naturally occurring toxic or harmful chemicals, with environmental improvement.

Nowadays, people tend to move towards an organic and healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, we should switch to organic cleaners that not only reduce the amount of waste but are also non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

There are ample products in the market like soaps, shampoos, cleaning cloth, cotton mops, and many more cleaning products.


Why should we make the shift to organic products? Are those products actually reliable? Well, yes organic products silently play a vital role in our health, home, and environment. Organic cleaning products, skin care products, organic food items all these are non-toxic products which give 0% harm to our body. The majority of the traditional products label danger, precautions, and flammability while using and sometimes harm also. While organic products show no such warning instructions and it is quite safe to use in our day to day life. 

Organic cleaning products give relief from skin rashes, sneezing, headaches and other side effects which we get easily by using chemical products. The major advantage of using these products is that as it is biodegradable it can be disposed of easily without causing harm to the environment. 

It is very important to buy organic and natural products because the skin is the body’s important organ which is adversely affected by using chemical cleaning products on our routine basis. As we talked about cleaning products I came across the most brilliant cleaning products which are simply natural wood fiber cleaning cloth

Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth

wood fiber cleaning cloth

Wood fiber cleaning cloth is the magical fiber cleaning cloth that made my everyday cleaning work easy, quick and effective. This long-lasting cleaning cloth is made up of 8 layers of wood fiber that absorb all the dirt from each and every area of your house whether it is the kitchen, glass doors, any hard surfaces, cutleries, furniture, etc. Wood fiber cleaning cloth is enough itself; no other chemicals are required with this for cleaning stains.

This sucks up 99.99% of bacteria and germs so making our life healthy and organic. And rinse it with water, apply it on the stain and see how wood fiber cleaning cloth does its magic in the cleaning process. It is reusable fiber cloth that can be used over and over saving a lot of money which I used to purchase on hundreds of kitchen towels and tissue papers. 

From my point of view, wood fiber cleaning cloth is the best of all. It is simply natural, anti-bacterial and multipurpose cleaning cloth. It is machine wash material and becomes new after every wash, gives streak-free shines and easy to wipe on stoves, shower glass, steel water taps and much better than regular sponges. This works pretty well as a makeup remover, it is so soft that it removes makeup easily by gently rubbing on the skin without causing any infection.


  1. Wood fiber cleaning cloth is a multipurpose that can be used with only one cloth to clean utensils, chairs, electrical appliances, walls, glasses, etc.
  2. No other things are included in your cleaning processes such as mops, kitchen napkins, dishwashers, and cotton cloth.
  3. This saves money that’s spent on buying various chemicals, kitchen towel rolls, etc.
  4. This makes the cleaning process effective and safe as it is organic.
  5. It absorbs 99.9% of bacteria and germs and thereby makes home refreshing and healthy for our family.
  6. It saves time in the cleaning process. What you have to do is just rinse it underwater and you are ready to go with your work.
  7. Wood fiber cleaning cloth fabric comprises layers of wood fiber so that soaked material can be quickly rinsed out.
  8. Works very well as a makeup remover on your skin.
  9. Cleans heavy stains, sauce marks, and rinses easily.
  10. They do not even smell bad after long use and are excellent for dishes and cleaning most of the items including electronics.
  11. Good for the environment as it is biodegradable.

Organic cleaning products will be the best solution for cleaning and maintaining your office. As effective as conventional products, eco-friendly cleaning products will help you clean floors and surfaces perfectly without risk to you and the environment because of their naturality.

Organic cleaning products and their benefits

wood fiber cleaning cloth

To clean and deodorize it is important to have the right products. If you want to give up polluting chemicals know that there are ecological alternatives. Organic cleaning products have been created to make your life easier. Perform a natural cleanse using versatile, natural and healthy organic cleaning products. Organic cleaning products do not contain substances harmful to the environment or to humans. Other benefits: air quality will improve, erosion of your surfaces will be greatly reduced, etc. Also, mention the benefits for your portfolio.

Are you determined to become an eco-citizen and use eco-friendly cleaning products? With organic cleaning products, you can limit the harmful effects on the environment. The majority of products are available at reasonable prices. They are not irritating to the skin and will not cause your allergies. Composed of natural ingredients, they help you preserve nature while being efficient and respectful of the user. In addition, they are not tested on animals and their packaging is recyclable.

Organic cleaning products – Maintain your office in an environmentally friendly way

For regular maintenance of your office, you certainly use cleaners. It is possible to clean without chemicals. To avoid their harmful effects and perform a simple, fast and efficient cleaning we advise you to choose organic cleaning products. Without having a significant impact on the environment, eco-friendly cleaning products are easy to use and will make your office surfaces shine.

Forget toxic fumes or irritated hands. Make sure the products have been tested and certified. Also consider the product’s characteristics, the complexity of your tasks and your consumer habits. Clean without polluting and eliminate harmful or suspicious products.
Test eco-friendly cleaning products and let them demonstrate their power. It is very possible that they will soon take an important place in your daily life. Contribute to the protection of the environment through a simple gesture.


A majority of the people are in a dilemma that organic products are expensive. But not all the products available in the market are expensive but they are worth the price. As organic products are chemical-free, it provides great benefits to the earth and the lives of those who walk upon it. Living an organic lifestyle means just you are doing your best to live a healthy life and make your surroundings and environment fresh and happy.