Remove Stain Spots: 10 Practical Tips & Useful Information

Remove stain spots

Removing stain spots is no fun. That’s exactly why we’ve collected a number of tips on how to clean up as efficiently and effectively as possible. Since it also depends on the environment, we will advise you on how to replace the patches with natural substances that can also fight with dirt and stain spots.



Should I prefer dry cleaning over wet cleaning?

Dry dirt is best removed with a vacuum cleaner. Remove wet dirt with our wood fiber cleaning cloth or liquid detergent. Sometimes you can use spirits, ammonia, turpentine or alcohol.

How to clean stains on carpet or furniture?

You can try to remove a stain in cladding with lukewarm water. If this doesn’t work right away, you can add some all-purpose cleaner to the soap. Do not wet the stain and immediately dry the furniture as possible (for example, using a hairdryer that allows you to dry the furniture remotely).

Or simply use our wood fiber cleaning cloth for naturally removing stains without harming the furniture.
Ask an expert if you don’t know how to remove a stain. Sometimes it is possible to have the piece of furniture cleaned chemically.



Nowadays, it’s easier to buy biodegradable cleaning products in the store. You already contribute to nature by cleaning as little as possible with chemical means. Prefer natural products such as vinegar or soda.

There are also many cleaning aids that you don’t need to add a cleanser too. For example, you can clean your home with steam appliances that are only filled with water. Microfibre wipes clean well without detergent. You can do the laundry without detergent with our all-in-one laundry sheets.

Keep your house fresh by ventilating it properly. Air your house regularly by opening the windows to let the fresh air in. Use natural air fresheners, such as highly smelling flowers (e.g. freesias or hyacinths) instead of artificial air fresheners.

Often it’s the products of the past, which are better for the environment. Our grandmothers already knew very well how they could clean certain surfaces shiny.

Another way to deal with the environment consciously, although you do use chemical tools, are the ultra-concentrated cleaning products. In any case, it saves packaging material and production costs. Of course, stick to the dosage. It only takes a little bit of it.



The hall or hallway gives a first impression of the whole house. Make sure it looks neat at your front door.

Patch the window or windows of your front door regularly, and don’t forget to give the doorpost and the window frames a little freshness. Windows can be cleaned with our all-purpose cleaner or warm water and a dash of spirits. Small windows are quick and easy to clean with special window cleansers available in a spray bottle. Just spray and wipe with kitchen paper.

Do you have stained glass windows? Do not use a cleaning agent containing ammonia or vinegar. Prefer a glass cleaner or a scrap of water with a dash of all-purpose cleaner. You can clean the difficult corners with a cotton stick.

How to clean doormat?

If you have an old-fashioned coconut mat at the door, it’s best to clean it by knocking it out with an old-fashioned mat beat!. Preferably buy a walk-in mat. You can often wash it at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Isn’t your mat suitable for the washing machine? Then take soap with our all-purpose cleaner. Spray it outside with the high-pressure cleaner and let it dry completely outside.

Cleaning coat rack

Hang the coats that are not worn in the current season in another cabinet (for example in the attic).
Coat hangers must be regularly dusted.

A little bit of cleanliness makes things nice and fresh. Use a scrap of all-purpose cleaner with detergent.
Do you think an open coat rack is a messy face? If you have space, you can choose a dense cabinet, where you can mount a rod and hang your coats on hangers on this rod.



In the living room, there are several surfaces that are exposed to spot hazards every day. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove these stains.

How to remove stain spots on the wall?

Moisture spots on the walls are easily cleaned with a wood fiber cleaning cloth to which you have added soaking liquid.
Coffee or other stains on a white wall can be removed with a kitchen cloth soaked in a warm water solution with a little pale.

Rust deposit on the ceiling can be tackled with our wood fiber cleaning cloth. Use a bucket of hot water containing a cup of ammonia and a teaspoon of detergent.
With these means, you have to open the windows for air and protect your hands with household gloves.

How to clean the wooden floor?

Generally, you can clean a wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner. Stains can be removed easily with all-purpose cleaner and water.
An oak floor should not be in the water for too long and touch with metal is also not good. For removing stains in an oak floor, preferably use oxalic acid. Let it retract and rinse the floor well. Dry the floor with a soft cloth.
Is the wooden floor very dirty? Then our Flat mop helps. You can just mop up a lacquered floor.

How to clean the carpet?

The carpet you need to vacuum thoroughly if you want to keep it clean. Spread your favorite air through the house by sprinkling some of the perfume on a cotton bulb and putting it in the vacuum cleaner bag. After vacuuming, the house smells delicious.
Clean the carpet once or twice a year with a carpet cleaner. First, get all the little stuff and furniture out of space. They open the windows while cleaning.

How to clean wooden furniture?

Is there a musty air in the closet? Moisture can affect the wood and cause mold. You avoid the stale air by placing a moisture eater in the closet. Moisture eaters with air fresheners are also available.
You can clean furniture in an instant nicely, dust-free and withstand a punch with the ready-to-use furniture wipes( Wood fiber cleaning cloths).



How to clean the sink?

A granite or hardstone kitchen sink can be easily cleaned with soap of green soap. In the long run, a protective fat layer will form on the leaf of the sink. Special cleaning products are also available for this type of kitchens.

How to clean the hood of the stove?

The hood can be cleaned with our wood fiber cleaning cloth with some cleaning water. Also, keep the top of the hood clean regularly. The longer you wait with that, the harder to remove rust and dirt. Don’t use abrasive sponges on a stainless steel hood. The filters of the hood can usually be washed in the dishwasher. You can also soak them in the water where you add a dishwasher tablet.

How to clean frying pan?

You can clean the frying pan first by filling the fryer with half water, add a little all-purpose cleaner here and leave it on at 90 degrees for 15 minutes. Then you can rinse the pan and let it dry.

The outside of the frying pan you get clean using an abrasive sponge and some washing-up liquid or our laundry sheet.
The frying pan gets new shine if you soak it in an all-purpose cleaner. In the soaking agent are enzymes that break down the fat. Then you can use the washing brush to brush it clean. If you don’t have a soaking agent in the house, use soda.

How to clean the kitchen cupboards?

The kitchen cabinets need to be cleaned regularly. The opened packages are soon residences of unwanted utensils. Clear the kitchen cabinets for cleaning and check the contents at a shelf life date. Sop the cabinets with an all-way cleaner inside and out. Don’t forget the top of the cabinets either.
You can put the newspaper on top of the cabinets to keep it rust and dirt-free.

How to clean the fridge?

To facilitate the removal of stains in the fridge, you can put some kitchen paper on the bottom of the door compartment where the bottles and suits are located, where you put the bottles on. If something leaks out of a bottle or suit, the kitchen paper catches it, and you can quickly replace the paper and clean the surface with a cleaning cloth.
In the vegetable drawer, a piece of kitchen paper helps absorb the dirt and moisture. Again, the kitchen paper can be replaced quickly and the tray can be quickly cleaned.

How to clean dishes?

The kitchen utensils can be salt-free by using vinegar and water. You can also give the dishes a wash with vinegar once a  month. The filter should be cleaned regularly under the tap. There are special dishwasher cleaners that you can use monthly to keep the machine clean and fresh.

Do you clean dustbin regularly?

Put an old newspaper on the bottom in the grey container to absorb the moisture. In this way, there will also be fewer odors. The trash can in the kitchen needs to be cleaned properly every week.

Use water with our all-purpose cleaner for this. Clean the inside and outside.
Empty the trash cans, which are in the house, before you go on holiday.



How to clean curtains?

Curtains that cannot be washed can still be dust-free by doing them in the tumble dryer on a cold skies program.
The dust disappears into the filter of the tumble dryer.
Protect your drum from the hooks of the curtain by tying it together, pulling a washcloth over it and tying it off with a large (post)elastic.

How to clean bed and bedding?

Mattresses and duvets or blankets are always a bit moist due to perspiration during use.
You can air your bed every day by placing the duvet or blankets folded double on the foot end when you get up.
You can freshen up a mattress with soda. Sprinkle soda over the mattress and leave it for a few hours. After that, you can suck it up. The dirty smells are gone.

You can also have your mattress cleaned. There are companies that specialize in this. Addresses can be found on the Internet.
If it freezes outside, you can put the duvet, pillow, and mattress outside for a day. All the dust mites will die from the freezing cold.

How do I clean pillows?

Synthetic cushions can often also be washed at a warm sixty degrees. For cushions with wool filling, see the information on the label.
A pillow should be dried horizontally, on a wash rack to maintain the shape. You can possibly dry pillows in the dryer at a low temperature.

How to clean a wardrobe?

Your clothes can be kept fresh by hanging a scented bar of soap, wrapped in a thin handkerchief with a bow of ribbon around it, on the rod between your clothes. This also keeps the moths away.



Ventilating the bathroom

Ventilate your bathroom well by always leaving a window open, or make sure you have an extraction system.

Cleaning your toilet

Clean the toilet thoroughly every week. You can use green soap or cleaning vinegar for it. Also, you can use our wood fiber cleaning cloth to clean it well under the edge.

How to keep your shower clean?

The tile walls must be cleaned regularly to keep mold and bacteria far away. Use a scrap with an all-purpose cleaner. Lime deposit on the tiles can be softened with a cloth with a little vinegar.

Light metal parts can be freshened again with a little spirit(on a cloth).

How to clean the drain?

You can brush a drain with undiluted bleach, using an old washing brush, fresh and shiny clean.
To clean a clogged drain, gently untie the siphon and pick out the filth. Clean it up with our all-purpose cleaner and wood fiber cleaner and put the siphon back. Nothing’s going through yet? Then the blockage is deeper and you will have to use a deterrent. Read the instructions on the packaging for this.

Pay close attention to things that you flush.
Do you suffer a lot from fallen hair? Place a hair sieve in the drain and prevent the hair from hiding.
If you go on holiday, a dash of baby oil, in the drain, helps prevent the water from evaporating in the drain and spreading a nasty air.
Put a scoop of soda in the drain every month and rinse with hot water. This way the drain continues well and it prevents nasty odors.

Cleaning your bathtub

A very dirty bath gets clean again by filling it with hot water and a soaking agent. Leave this for a night. The next day you can quickly clean the bath with a cloth.



How do I clean the computer?

A computer attracts a lot of dust (like many electrical appliances).
Therefore, you should dust off your computer regularly. Use a microfiber dust cloth to remove all dust at once.

Make it extra work once in a while, using a clammy damp cloth with some hot water and washing-up liquid. A little fabric softener in the water ensures that the fabric cannot quickly attach itself to the equipment.

Knock the loose dirt out of the keyboard by keeping it upside down. Then use the vacuum cleaner to which you place the soft attachment piece to suck away the dirt.
You can remove the dirt on the keyboard with a cloth, soaked in spirits.

The computer screen is cleaned with a specially designed cleaning cloth, a glasses polish or a damp piece of kitchen paper.

How to clean the office chair?

Is there a crack in your leather desk chair? You can try to limit the damage by using maintenance wax or special furniture cream.
Hair and fabric on a dust-lined office chair can be removed with a clothing brush with a slice strip. Or you use a large and wide piece of adhesive tape for removing hair and dust, which you pull over the chair a few times. The dust and the hairs stick on the tape.

How do I clean the phone?

The phone comes into contact with many bacteria and therefore must definitely be cleaned regularly. You need a damp cloth with a little all-purpose cleaner. Or use a hygienic damp cloth.

How to clean pet stains?

Our sweet pets provide a lot of coziness. However, they can also leave a lot of stains and filth in the house with their hair, saliva, urine, and any intestinal complaints. Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate these stains.

How to clean the cat litter?

A litter box doesn’t smell fresh. If you can do it for a while, preferably place the bin outdoors. That could be on the balcony or in the garden.
Clean the container at least once a week and scoop urine and poo out of the bin (preferably twice a day). This is easier with cat litter that clumps.
Put the feces in a plastic bag and tie it shut.

For an environmentally-conscious cat lover, there is filling based on wood or paper.
In the litter box, the urine stain is often left behind. It looks like limescale. You can clean the container by soaking it in hot water with a dash of vinegar. A lot of hassle is avoided by placing old newspapers at the bottom of the bin.

The vomit of pets (and small children) give nasty stains on the carpet. You need to be there quickly to limit the damage.
Remove as much vomit as possible with a spoon or kitchen paper. You can sprinkle the vomit that is pulled into the carpet with a good layer of baking soda, wait for the salt to be completely dry. Then remove it with the vacuum cleaner. You can also dab the stain clean. First, use cold water and then continue with white wine vinegar.



If animals want to delineate their territory, they do so with their smell. For this, they have scent glands, but it is difficult if your pet starts spraying with urine. It may be a sign that the pet feels threatened in his or her environment (for example, by the arrival of a baby or another pet). It may also be that the litter box is not clean enough for the animal.

Once the animal has urinated on the bed, you can dry the urine with kitchen paper. Sprinkle the place generously with soda and let it retract. Then remove the soda with upholstery and tin. If you smell the urine a little bit after this? Then repeat it again.

A puddle on the floor, on clothing or other textiles you remove with natural vinegar. The vinegar takes away the smell. If you regularly clean the demarcated places with vinegar, the cat will leave the place alone in the long run.

How to clean the rabbit hutch?

Clean your rabbit’s loft regularly, otherwise, you’ll experience ammonia air. This air attracts flies and eventually, it causes the presence of maggots.
You can remove the urine deposit in a plastic rabbit hutch with our all-purpose cleaner. Let it soak before you rinse it with hot water.
The loft should be cleaned at least once a week, but preferably twice a week in the summer.

Put old newspapers at the bottom of the loft to make this job easier.
The outdoor loft must also be kept clean. You can clean the outdoor loft with a high-pressure syringe. Make sure the loft is completely dry before you put new soil cover in it.

How to clean the animal’s hair?

To remove animal hair, you can use special clothing brushes with an adhesive layer.
An alternative is the use of a dry abrasive sponge. Rub with the rough side of the sponge in the opposite direction of the fabric. A dog rug can be put in the washing machine. You can first place the rug in the dryer in the air position. The hairs then end up in the fluff box, making it easy to remove them.



On the Internet, you will find several websites that provide a lot of information about removing the most common spots. In most cases, it remains advisable to choose an unobtrusive place to try out the effect your treatment will have first. The wrong treatment can have worse consequences. Always consult with the washing codes on the label first.

How to clean the Ink stains?

Ink stains are difficult to remove. For washable textiles, make a mixture of 75 percent denatured alcohol and 25 percent ether to treat the stain. Or use the laundry sheet and rinse the remains in the washing machine.
You treat non-washable textiles in the same way. Instead of the washing machine, you have the textiles chemically cleaned.
Furniture and carpet can also be treated with this mixture.

How to clean candle wax?

Scrape away the candle wax as much as possible (for example, with a spoon). Place the textiles between two paper handkerchiefs (or two pieces of kitchen roll paper) and iron it out of the fabric with an iron (gently!). To do so, set maximum ironing temperatures on the iron. You can remove the stains that may remain with washing gas.

How to clean red wine stains?

Gently dab the red wine with a paper cloth and then sprinkle generous salt on it, let this retract for at least half an hour. Then you can remove the stain with water and detergent.