Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Brooms


What is the basic cleaning tool nobody can live without? The answer is obvious—the broom. It aids in cleaning our home surfaces from all the dust and dirt. But what would you do if we told you there is a rubber broom that is twice as effective in comparison to the regular? Before you conjure up pictures in your imaginative mind, we at Simply Natural would like to introduce you to our rubber broom set.

It is an indoor broom with a telescopic pole, a dustpan with a rubber strap made with thermoplastic rubber is a bonus along with a handheld rubber brush. The rubber bristles are exclusive and strategically placed to make the rubber broom twice as effective while also easy to maintain.

How our rubber bristles broom comes to your rescue?

Our rubber broom features hundreds of tiny bristles that create an electrostatic charge, attracting pet hair, lint, and other debris. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, it works well on all surfaces including carpets and leather furniture. On a hard floor, the rubber broom’s bristles pluck hold of anything in their way and, unlike microfibre mops, you’re not left with the annoying task of shaking the dust out of the fibers after you’re done. It can pick up debris that falls into grout lines.

On a carpet, the versatility of the rubber bristles means it pulls up animal hairs or crumbs with ease. The lightweight and chunky-yet-comfy handle doesn’t leave your mitts in tatters if the task at hand is substantial, you can go even clean up leather at dirtier areas without the worry of scuffing up walls or skirting boards.

It’s perfect for outside too, especially if you have decking — the firm bristles cut neatly through the teeth in the wood and dig up any deep-lying dirt resting between surfaces. What’s better when you switch between surfaces or from outdoor to indoor, you can rinse it under the sink to keep it clean. That might sound like it has gone a step too far with care and attention for a broom, but trust us, you will realize the traditional soft-sweeping brush you had before is a hub for bacteria and dirt and you will want to keep that rubber broom clean.

How many surfaces does the rubber broom clean?

Since our rubber bristle broom is built for indoor and outdoor purposes, it works wonders on all surfaces. From hardwood floors, tiles carpets, rugs to backyard lawns. The rubber broom also works as a multi-purpose fur-remover. The rubber broom is very effective indoors and has many uses. The bristles are capable at scrubbing grout lines on tile floors and walls. You can even use it for thorough cleaning into the fibers of carpets. Squeegee dry floors after moping or spills.

Also, if you have a furry pet our rubber broom will be your new favorite first line of defense against fuzz and fluff. All you need to do is use it as a carpet rake to ball fur for easy removal. You can even rub it over sofas, chairs, drapes and other upholstered surfaces to easily bring our stubborn fur that won’t come off any other way. You can even shorten or take off the handle to use it on your favorite spot in the car or house!

What does the rubber-broom double as?

If you want to experience the best of the rubber broom all you need to do is flip it over—when you do it works like a squeegee for windows and floors. When it comes time to do heavy-duty wall-washing, the squeegee works just as well on walls as it does on floors and windows. Use it to sweep the floor. It even scrubs stuck-on messes with ease.

Our rubber bristles broom is so effective that you’ll want one in every car, truck, or SUV you own. The long handle is adjustable which makes it easy to sweep snow or squeegee moisture off of hard to reach windshields for safe driving. Then shorten the handle and it neatly stores in the trunk or behind the seat.

Our rubber broom’s uses in the garage don’t end there—you can quickly squeegee up oil or spills, flip it over and sweep away leaves, dust, and debris. It’s that simple! Annoyed with those bird droppings and bugs on your windshield, gently scrub away with our rubber broom/squeegee while washing the car.

How durable is the rubber broom?

Our rubber bristles broom is equipped with a fully adjustable telescoping handle. It is made of metal and it stands up to the toughest jobs. While it has a tough exterior, it is simple to adjust – just twist, slide to the desired length then twist again. Then simply channel it to work its magic in your home.

While our rubber bristles broom is durable to withstand any surface, it can also prove equally effective amidst different seasons. If you live in an area with snow, I’m sure you’re familiar with how snow and ice build-up in the wheels of vehicles while driving then melts into mini pools in your garage or on your driveway.

If you let it evaporate the problem doesn’t go away – it leaves stubborn mud and grit everywhere! Be it road dirt, water, and gravel, get the whole mess out with a few flicks of our rubber broom’s squeegee blade across the garage floor! If you need help to clear snow, rain, or condensation from windshields we suggest you keep a rubber broom in your car.

When there is light snow or the threat of freezing rain, use the rubber broom on your sidewalks and steps. It quickly works through clearing concrete and wood, tile. It even works on brick decks so you don’t have to lug out a heavy snow shovel.

How do you clean your rubber bristles broom?

The electrostatic rubber bristles can clean up anything from pet hair to dirt, grass, and debris with this rubber broom. But how do you maintain it long-term? This rubber broom is designed to be pulled back not pushed forward both on the carpet and tile floors. The bristles need to be vertical and run smoothly against the surface to make firm strokes. Once you’re done you can rinse your rubber bristles broom with mild soapy water to keep it clean for next time.

The soft flexible rubber bristles do not scratch and can be used as an effective cleaning agent against dry waste and water spills or oil spills. After using the broom over wet applications, you can flip it over and use the squeegee to dry.

What is our rubber broom package goal?

The package includes a rubber broom with a telescopic pole, a handheld rubber brush, and a dustpan. The adjustable pole’s height can be brought down or lifted up or even handheld to clean smaller surfaces like furniture, curtains, and even clothes. The handheld rubber brush fits right into the dustpan for convenient storage, while the dustpan can be suspended by the handle. This calls for effective cleaning and storage.

So now if we were to ask you if there is one cleaning tool no one should live without – the rubber broom. Our multipurpose rubber broom does more in every room in and out of the house. It helps save time, frustration, and effort than any other single cleaning tool out there.