Natural Wood fiber cleaning cloth for corona


The world’s worst nightmare! Presumably, it’s all you can afford to worry about these days. As the world wakes up to more horrifying details every day the WHO has suggested that all countries take stringent measures to prevent a full-blown epidemic. The most common suggestions include social distancing, frequent hand washing and or using alcohol-based hand rubs, and natural wood fiber cleaning cloth, etc. All these measures are aimed at protecting your body from the deadly virus.

However, its also worth noting that other, less but harmful micro-organisms are also alive and well. While COVID-19 takes up most of your time and attention and with most people being forced to remain home it would be careless on your part to ignore the existing threats within the home. It is not new information that repeated and long-term use of sanitizers, especially strong alcohol-based ones, can kill good bacteria. Now more than ever, in addition to the hand rubs and washing, it is vital that you take equally stringent measures to protect not just yourselves but also your environment, i.e., your home, from all kinds of dirt and bacteria. This is where Simply Natural comes to your rescue with the best natural solution- The Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth.

Now, coming back to you. It’s been a long and exhausting day at your home-desk, you’re looking forward to grabbing a drink and collapsing on the couch for some much-needed and well-deserved relaxation. Instead, you’re jolted awake by the stench of the kitchen-cleaning sponge you left to air dry earlier that day. In addition to the dirt and germs of yesteryear, that filthy sponge has completely soaked up your joy. You are desperate for ways to revolutionize your kitchen-cleaning endeavors.

You then resort to using more chemicals like air freshers, fragrant detergents, etc to substitute this nauseating odor. Did you know that since 1950, over 80,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into consumer habits of which only a fraction is been tested for human toxicity? In the US alone, only 10% of the 87,000 chemicals have been tested for potential health effects2. Research carried out by the US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that more than 150 chemicals commonly used in homes are associated with allergies, cancer, psychological disorders, and birth defects. Yet, you use harsh chemical products because it’s the only choice you have.

This is where Simply Natural surpasses all the chemical havoc by providing you with instant cleaning facilities, no residue and no side effects. It is an innovative cleaning cloth that is manufactured based on the materials used in a traditional Sushi kitchen. In a sushi kitchen cleaning chemicals or liquids are unheard of. Instead, they use eco-friendly materials to ensure the meal as well the cooking slabs are free of toxic or harmful elements. Simply

Natural will your smartest best investment to keep yourself and your ambiance clean amidst the Corona Virus self-quarantine hype.

What is it made of?

Ever wondered what else you could be doing to protect our beautiful planet? You will be pleased to know that this multi-purpose cleaning cloth is made entirely from a natural and organic source- wood fiber. Specifically, long-lasting rayon from wood fiber. Not only is wood fiber more effective, but it’s also a manufacturing process that requires little to no chemicals. Besides, the amount of water required to process it is significantly lesser than other textures such as cotton. Thus, making it a sustainable, environment-friendly option in comparison to existing textile and cloth materials.

Not only that, but the complex eight-layered construct of the cleaning cloth ensures that no germs or bacteria get ignored or left behind in the process. This is a thorough, and convenient cloth-cleaning alternative to all your home cleaning needs.

What surfaces can it be used on?

The answer to this question is only limited by your imagination.

It is most necessary in the kitchen. The slabs, cutting boards, oven surfaces, etc are the most common ones. Spilled some wine, worry not! The natural wood fiber cleaning cloth will absorb it all without leaving behind any stains. Even, stubborn oil residue can easily be wiped and forgotten.

Electronic gadgets such as your television, laptops, microwave, air conditioners, etc can germ-free with the natural wood fiber cleaning cloth without a scratch.

Of course, there are the toys- scattered all over the house! One thing is for sure, this piece of plastic is going in and out of your child’s mouth more times than you can count. The natural wood fiber e cleaning cloth will come in handy whenever toys or baby-necessities need a quick clean-up.

Did your pet have an adventure out in the backyard and run back in only to leave pawprints all over the floors? With this natural wood fiber cleaning cloth, you have no reason to stress. Simply wet it and wipe away all germs-both visible and invisible.

All this including but not restricted to stainless steel, granite, tile, glass surfaces, wooden surfaces like on boats, ceramic and more.

Why our natural wood fiber cleaning cloth is the best option for you?

  • Firstly, its super-absorbent material works like magic! Unlike any paper towel that claims to be absorbent, this natural cleaning cloth can absorb water and liquids in seconds, leaving behind no trace of any liquid having been there.
  • The weave design construction of the eight layers of wood fiber enables the cleaning cloth to unsettle, lift off and absorb the maximum amount of liquid, dirt, and germs enabling the most efficient cleaning.
  • Now, for a second, let’s unpleasantly recall the after-work situation again and the stench that accompanies the most popular sponge and other cleaning cloths. Have you wondered why that happens on a regular basis and only gets worse with time? It’s because the regular sponge is incapable of releasing the bacteria it has absorbed from the surfaces it has attempted to clean. Despite repeated washing, the germs grow and multiply resulting in that dirty brown residual color and an unbearable odor. On testing the sponge under ultraviolet light, all the bacteria became visible immediately.
  • On the other hand, the natural wood fiber cleaning cloth from Simply Natural is manufactured in a way that the harmful germs and bacteria can easily be washed away, thoroughly and visibly. It releases the dirt immediately. It’s stain-resistant unless a stain has been left to dry for days together. What that means is that, if used and washed immediately, you can see that the cloth will be free of all kinds of pigmentation.
  • How does this releasing of germs take place? Very simple. Rinse the Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth under running water for thirty seconds. It’s that easy. While you do that, watch the germs forcibly retreat to where they belong- in the drain!
  • Are you wondering how it can be used on all kinds of textures and surfaces? Lucky for you, in manufacturing this innovative cleaning cloth, we have found the sweet spot for its texture. Its neither too abrasive to cause scratches and remove polish nor too soft that it’s useless. It’s the perfect middle-ground for its multi-purpose functionality.
  • Natural and harmless cleaning methods in and chemicals out! As mentioned earlier, so many of the toxic chemicals inside the home haven’t even been tested to prove their safety. Asthma, cancer and several other diseases have been strongly associated with the use of strong detergents, air-fresheners, etc. This is yet another reason you must try the Simply Natural Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth is because it reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. You can now empower yourself and your family to use this innovative, safe and chemical-free cleaning cloth as you, collectively, progress to a chemical-free cleaning lifestyle.
  • In buying one pack of 12 cloths, you have saved your wallet the amount of money equivalent to 100 rolls of paper towels! As a result of getting so many in one pack, you have the freedom to distribute and use them for all the purposes and surfaces all over your house, thereby reducing chemicals all over, in turn protecting your
  • family. In doing so, you have also contributed to the environment by choosing a product that not only reduces waste but also requires lesser resources for manufacturing and re-usability.
  • Maintaining these cleaning cloths is as easy as its usage. Simply machine-wash the cloth with your other whites in cold water and line dry.

So, what are you waiting for? While the whole world’s fight with COVID-19 continues, Simply Natural has provided the ultimate weapon to ambush the other micro-organisms presumably hidden from commonly used surfaces and articles. This way you are guaranteed all-round protection so you can provide your family with the best harmless, safe and chemical-free solution to your home cleaning needs.


Simply Natural’s wood fiber cleaning cloth is not projected as a cure or mechanism to fight COVID-19. It is an essential supplement which when used in conjunction with other World Health Organization (WHO)-approved methods can significantly aid in keeping the home environment free of harmful microorganisms.

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